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All2shop Scented Votive Candles Set of 18 Assorted Pure Scents for Relaxation & Aromatherapy

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Stimulate Your Senses


Stimulate Your Senses

Did you ever wonder why a whiff of a familiar smell can instantly trigger memories of childhood, home or family? Turns out that unlike any of our other senses aromas are to begin with processed by our emotional brain and only later identified by our analytical brain.

From lifting depression to enhancing mental clarity each of the votive candles included in this exclusive 18pcs collection can have a powerful effect on your emotional wellbeing.

Key Features:
– 18pcs Votive Candle Set
– Dimensions: Height: 5cm/2″ | Diamter: 5cm/2″
– Weight: 85 grams each

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!! CAUTION: All the time place your scented candles on heat-resistant surfaces and ideally in appropriate votive candle holders!!
18PCS SCENTED VOTIVE CANDLE SET: Instantly turn into the atmosphere in your surroundings by lightning one of the vital 18 scented votive candles included in this exclusive collection. Make a choice from all kinds of FLORAL, FRUITY & SPICY fragrances to create any ambience you desire.
STIMULATE YOUR SENSES With this 18pcs Scented Candle Set you’ll imbue any of your rooms with distinctive aromas.
A CANDLE FOR EVERY MOOD: Feeling the blues and need an uplift? Try JASMINE, LAVENDER or ROSE. Need a scent to beef up your mental clarity & focus? Try COFEE or APPLE CINNAMON. Wish to create a relaxing atmosphere? Try VANILLA or CHOCOLATE. Like to go back in time and understand that the smell of Aunt Becky’s favorite Apple Pie? Use GREEN APPLE, BISCUIT & CINNAMON. Or do you simply Wish to add a touch of springtime to your surroundings? Go for CHERRY; CRANBERRY, ORANGE or STRAWBERRY
14 DIFFERENT AROMAS:Biscuit, Cherry, Chocolate (X2), Cinnamon, Green Apple (x2), Jasmine, Lavender, Orange, Rose, Strawberry (X2), Vanilla (X2), Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon, Coffee
HIGH-QUALITY SCENTED CANDLES: All candles are clean-burning, long-lasting – 16 hrs continoous burning each – and infused with just enough essential oils to permeate your surroundings with subtle yet stimulating fragnances that won’t overwhelm your senses