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16oz Amber Boston Round Glass Spray Bottles w/Reusable Chalk Labels (2 Pack), Heavy Duty Mist & Stream Sprayer; Great for Essential Oils

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16oz Amber Glass Spray Bottles BPA-Free Spray Bottles for Essential Oils with Chalk Labels by Cornucopia Brands

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16oz Amber Glass Spray Bottles BPA-Free Spray Bottles for Essential Oils with Chalk Labels by Cornucopia Brands

The 2-pack of 16oz amber glass BPA-free bleach-protected spray bottles by Cornucopia Brands will let you safely and effectively blend, use, and store your favorite homemade aromatherapy and essential oil blends, homemade cleaning sprays, cooking sprays and marinades, bleach, lemon water, and vinegar, or use as a spray bottle for plants, a spray bottle for cleaners, the list goes on for these 16oz amber glass spray bottles.

But….We don’t stop there! What’s a reusable 16oz amber glass spray bottle, without a reusable label? You cant relabel it with a brand spanking new label every time you refill your amber spray bottle. So we added a 4-pack of reusable chalkboard labels to make it easy to quickly and easily label, wipe clean, and label again, whatever the contents of you amber spray bottle may be! Simply choose the label you like best from your choice of the included four labels, stick it on your amber spray bottle, and you have got a complete reusable bottle, that can be labeled again and again!

You are going to find a multitude of uses arise when you start to use these amber 16oz sprayer bottles, for example:

-Vinegar and water mixture for natural cleaning

-Lemon juice, water, and herbs for a natural grilling spray

-Water and essential peppermint oil for natural insect repellent spray

-Water and tea tree or eucalyptus for a perfect sauna sprayer

-Much more!

The Cornucopia Brands amber spray bottles have a heavy-duty two-function sprayer with mist and stream. It holds a full 16oz, and is constructed of heavy-duty amber glass that is very sturdy and easily withstands normal wear and tear.

It is a perfect solution for any at home project that may be sprayed for cooking, cleaning, or aromatherapy!
✓2-PACK 16oz AMBER GLASS SPRAY BOTTLE- Amber glass refillable bpa-free spray bottles for essential oils is also perfect for a multitude of uses, including cooking, cleaning, essential oils, beauty and much more
✓2-PACK OF REUSABLE CHALK LABELS INCLUDED- What’s a reusable amber 16oz glass spray bottle for essential oils without reusable labels? Simply label the bottle with chalk or chalk pen, and when you fill it with something different, wipe the label clean and write something new!
✓GREEN ALTERNATIVE- Effectively and safely store and use your liquids. Glass bottles are much safer than plastic bottles that can leach chemicals under certain conditions
✓PERFECT FOR AROMATHERAPY- Add your own essential oil blends to this amber 16oz spray bottle with water or carrier oils and create your very own cleaning, cooking, or other aromatherapy product
✓UV RESISTANT- UV resistant amber glass is perfect for storing items such as essential oils that might be able to lose their effectiveness if exposed to direct UV light. Amber glass spray bottles for essential oils are also bpa free spray bottles and bleach-protected spray bottles.